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You focus on your technology. Let us handle your strategic marketing.

At Small Screen Producer, we understand that investors invest in people and solutions, and so do you. We are here to offer guidance as your long-term marketing partner by helping shape the technology commercialization and funding strategy for your technology. From a personal background in the technology industry for 10 years, we have seen first-hand the needs of the industry. We get technology commercialization. We’ve lived it.

Before customers will support a new technology, they research. Your technology is an unknown to them and there is not much information for them to find yet. Marketing to a customer is far different than an investor. The messaging needs to be more educational and friendly. You have to work to gain their trust and excitement and position your technology as something they need. Your web presence should be diverse and robust as your customers look to the internet to learn more about it. Since your technology will be new, there will not be very much information other than your own materials for them to review. Gain their trust. Gain their admiration.

From our knowledge and past experience, we have developed and tested strategies and techniques that translate to the marketplace. We understand how to communicate your technology clearly in a variety of media - copy, video, graphics - to connect with your target demographic. We understand the buying cycle of your customers and know that in order to excite them, we must produce innovative and interesting digital media that not only creates brand awareness, but also build credibility and support. Contact us today.
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First, there's the pitch to investors. If you get that right, you then have to tackle the consumer market. Learn how to approach both of these challenges from our free guides.

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Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses is the only way to truly understand your marketing needs. Gain insight into your online marketing strategies and brand influence with our Online Marketing Analysis Report, or learn where your company stands with our SEO and Website Analytics Report.
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